Beyond the Traditional

You could stick with the boring and traditional methods of signage. This will make your business just like every other business out there. But do you really want to be like every other business? In order to be successful, you need to stand out and be memorable! Digital signage is so much more than an getting your business’ name or product out there, it’s an investment towards growth. These are versatile choices that can pretty much fit every business or organization. For instance, if you have a museum, interactive exhibits can truly bring a subject to life and enhance the aesthetics while engaging curious minds on a much deeper level. Or if you work in the Real Estate industry, there are touchscreen displays that can guide potential home buyers through a floor plan and make the job of buying and selling property easier.

If you’re part of a business that visits trade-shows regularly to generate more customers, self-service touchscreen kiosks are a great way to display your product or intention and let customers discover on their own why they should be interested in you. Restaurant owners can invest in digital menu boards which are often easier to read and can display photos of the dishes to entice customers. Not to mention these are easily updated for those last minute specials! And no matter what type of business or organization you’re a part of, everyone can greatly benefit from a outdoor digital signage displays which can utilize videos and non-static graphic images to catch people’s eyes and persuade them to stop by!

Businesses are not the only locations that can benefit from digital signage products. In the education industry, there are quite a few applications of digital signage and touchscreen software that makes it well worth the investment for teachers who want to offer their students another mode of learning. Through a touch screen classroom board, you can give your students an interactive educational experience that will enhance their learning through engagement and excitement. Or if you’re looking for ways to bring your college campus into modernity, a digital wayfinding system can be installed throughout the campus to help students and visitors find their way around campus.

Better Performance for Any Business

There are so many different uses for digital signage that any organization can find a way to appeal to their target niche. From wayfinding digital displays to help people find their way in a big location, to large video wall multi-screen displays to show off your products as people walk in the door, there are many amazing opportunities for you to look forward to if you make the switch to digital signage. Not to mention your bottom line with thank you for this investment into digital signage because it will increase your profits.

Interactive Design Labs works with industry-leading digital signage hardware media players, as well as other hardware. This paired with our creative software design makes for customized interactive displays that can give your organization that boost of individuality that draws in more people. From installation to long-term maintenance, we have the digital signage services that will take you to new heights! Give us a call today to learn more about how we can bring you into the future!

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