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Transform your:

Branding Teaching Marketing

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Transform your:

Branding Teaching Marketing

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Digital Signage Displays – Walls, Kiosks, & Signs

When it comes to making a big impression, nothing sets the stage better than a massive digital display that intuitively communicates and interacts with your guests or customers. At IDL, we design digital signage that gets attention and holds it. These digital displays range in size and type – from single, built-in displays, to entire walls and kiosks that are fully customized for each project. No matter if you want an interactive museum exhibit, a trade show kiosk, or digital way finding, Interactive Design Labs creates digital displays like no one else. If you’re ready to get your project started, let the IDL team begin a project brief that will outline every aspect, from design to hardware, by clicking here.


Touch Screen Software Design – Interactive Multi Touch Tables

It’s become natural for us to reach out and touch a digital wall or table. No matter the reason, humans have always had a connection to simply pointing, dragging and scrolling with their “on-board” stylus’ (to make a Steve Jobs reference). When it comes to multi touch screen design and production, IDL has been leading the way since its early days in interactive design. Whether touch screen displays for way finding in hotels and lobbies or multi touch tables for museums to entertain and educate, IDL can create an entire experience, from brainstorm to installation. If you’re ready to create a touchscreen experience that stands out, we’re excited to talk to you! Start your project and get a no-obligation proposal started now!




Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Design & Installation

When it comes to a technology so new, few companies can really lay claim to being the Vanguard of an industry. At IDL, we’re proud to produce some of the most cutting-edge virtual reality designs and installations possible. More than just headset based systems or shallow holograms, our team regularly pushes the research and development boundaries by experimenting with new methods constantly. Does your business or organization need advanced training simulations that need to be “real world”? Do you want your customers to be able to experience augmented reality to make an impression that lasts? Interactive Design Labs are just that: laboratories that are constantly pushing the boundaries of design and installation of all things virtual and augmented reality. Learn more about our cutting edge approach and start your project here.


Industry Spotlight

Interactive Design Labs deploys software & design in many industries. Here are some great examples:


Map Kiosk Screens & Way Finding

Gone are the days of clunky, one-dimensional maps with little stars that say “You Are Here”. When your guests want the latest and the most intuitive system to guide them to their destination, it’s time to look to digital to solve the age-old question: where am I going?

Museum Exhibits & Education Tools

Often times the leaders of education innovation, museums and museum staffs are amazingly creative and have fantastic ideas on how to make a concept come to life. The IDL team has experience in almost every type of museum exhibit and we’re excited for the chance to learn about your idea.

Hotel & Hospital Information Systems

With thousands of guests per day, the questions are endless. More than simple one-dimensional maps can provide, digital systems are able to both inform and answer questions on a wide variety of applications from hotels and hospitals to malls and arenas.

Restaurant & Retail Engagement Promotion

Digital menu boards, point-of-sale based promotion and customer information gathering systems are IDL’s favorite retail based projects. Trust our team to create a system that will be able to raise average check rates, return visits and gather customer information.

Tradeshow Kiosks & Display Screens

You’ve paid huge amounts of money to attend the perfect trade show with thousands of your potential customers walking by, everyday. Now what? If you want a return on your investment and to get people’s attention, it’s time to think digital and update your trade show displays.

Virtual Reality Training & Education

From military-based applications to advanced training for engineers and technicians, virtual reality is just beginning to explode as a possibility. Since the first headset based VR systems emerged, the IDL staff has be in front of the trends making the systems work for our customers.

Casino Information & Entertainment

While not an interactive gaming company, IDL loves casinos & gaming. Most of our gaming-based clients begin projects with IDL to entertain and inform its customers of new events, games and player’s club options as they navigate through their properties.

City, Municipal, & Government Contracts

A growing number of cities, counties, and governments are working to use digital tools to help solve problems in cases like transportation, court systems, administration and voting. We love tough, out-of-the-box problems and we welcome your next RFP!