One aspect about visiting an unfamiliar place is the possibility of getting lost. Even for someone who knows the area, directing people to navigate around a large facility or building complex can prove to be a difficult task! We’ve all encountered the frustrations that come along with trying to give someone directions verbally. We could see long before we could talk, and creating visual elements to help people find their way is just one of the many services that IDL can provide for your business or organization!

We create Wayfinding platforms that allow your guests, customers, clients or students to follow routes along an easy to manipulate, interactive map. Turn your visitors’ experience from tedious to exciting with our digital wayfinding solutions.

Below are just a few of the various applications our Wayfinders can be utilized:

  • Museums
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • City Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Malls/Shopping Centers


To ensure that our clients receive the best products so that they may give their visitors the ultimate, interactive experience, we work with the industry’s leading screen & kiosk manufacturers to power our wayfinding software. We’ll work with you to smoothly integrate our wayfinding technology into your organization, no matter the size or budget. You need a way to help your guests find theirs, and IDL is the solution.


Filling out a simple form isn’t going to cut it. In order to provide you with a wayfinding system that harmonizes with the architecture of your organization, we will initiate a conference or video call with our team of specialists. Together, we can discuss the factors that will lead to your perfect product. Will the wayfinder be outside? Do you plan to have advertising? Do you want to offer guests more options such as internet connection?

Project Proposal

After we have hammered out even the most minute details about your project, we will then create a proposal and provide an estimate that includes everything from design, site preparation, installation and ongoing maintenance. Once we’ve received your approval, we’ll send an electronic contract for signatures.

Design & Testing

Every Wayfinder from IDL is custom made to fit your organization, your visitor’s needs, the environment’s conditions, and numerous other factors. An interactive map at a children’s museum will require much different elements than one to be used in a hospital. We’ll draw up plans, wireframes, and even storyboards if applicable, to create a roadmap for your project so that you may start to see your ideas come to life. From there, we develop the software to interface with your Wayfinder.

Site Preparation

After design, it’s time to begin the prep work. We will work with your team or provide a contracting team of our own to create or relocate the necessary electrical setup and wireless networks for your project. Often overlooked by many companies, we will perform a site safety survey to ensure that our clients, and in turn, your visitors are safe while they interact with our wayfinder.

Finalization & Maintenance Kickoff

Upon the completion of the installation, we will ask you for your final sign-off, and then the fun begins! We will start any training during this period, such as user-training for utilizing the hardware to assist any guests who may need help. We will also provide the final instruction manuals, which IDL custom creates for each project.

Maintenance Period

For all IDL projects, we offer an optional maintenance contract is is renewed annually. Maintenance schedules can vary, but the level in which the servicing is conducted can be negotiated in the contract agreement that guarantees repairs and troubleshooting, either by an on or off-site technician.

From easing the difficulty of loved ones searching for a hospital room, to helping a family find their favorite ride at your theme park, Interactive Design Labs can give you the tools to enhance your visitors’ experience and give them just another reason to return.