Video Walls

Your Vision, On the Big Screen

If you’ve ever stood next to a massive video wall, you know the power of BIG!

At IDL, we’ve designed and installed some of the most dynamic video screens for companies in almost every different industry. As video wall integrators, we love making customized solutions for our clients, and whether you’re looking for a cluster of screens or you need a single informational display for a 10 ft. video wall, we’ll help you make your vision come to life!

By working with industry leaders such as Planar, LG, and Samsung, we can deliver seamless, high-quality, dynamic solutions for a wide range of applications.

Here are just a few different video walls and displays that IDL specializes in:

  • Large Video Walls
  • Clustered Video Wall Displays
  • Single Informational Displays
  • Video Wall Art and Exhibits

The Power of Video Walls

If you want to engage customers, strengthen your brand image, and cement your company as being a pioneer when it comes to adopting innovative technology, video walls are the biggest, brightest, and most compelling way to achieve your goals.

From conference rooms to broadcasting studios, lobbies, and trade shows, a video wall with thoughtfully designed software and professional installation can transform any space and create an experience that brings the future into reality! This includes video walls with options such as interactive touch capabilities, adherence to ADA compliance, and ultra HD.

How We Do It

Delivering a flawless final product is our only goal! Once the logistics of the software and display have been finalized, we’ll work with your team or provide a contracting team to create or relocate needed electrical and data, test wireless networks & conduct a site safety survey. After the installation process, our team will obtain the final sign-off of installation and begin any necessary training of products, or user-training for hardware. We’ll pass on final instruction manuals (custom created for each project, if needed) and the optional maintenance period will begin.

No matter if you’re looking for a massive wall of displays for an auditorium or just a single screen for a hotel lobby, Interactive Design Labs will create a custom project to meet your needs and budget!