IDL Video Walls & Screens

If you’ve ever stood next to a massive video wall that’s packed with screens and connected together to create one seamless image, you know the power of BIG!

At IDL, we’ve designed, produced and installed some of the most dynamic video screens in almost every different industry, and we love customizing video walls to make your vision a reality. Whether a unique cluster of screens or a single informational display for a ten foot video wall, we can deliver your next project!

Here’s some different video walls and displays that IDL specializes in:

  • Large Video Wall
  • Clustered Video Wall Designs
  • Single Informational Kiosks or Wayfinding
  • Video Wall Art & Exhibits


No matter if you’re looking for an economical solution or our top-tier commercial grade displays, IDL has a product line and a price point to fit your budget. Not sure what you need? The IDL team can easily have a video conference and create a free design prospectus and proposal, complete with software, hardware, and installation estimates so you know you’re not only getting a great design, but a proper installation as well.


We begin with a conference or video call with our team of specialists to determine your vision and ask the questions we need to create a project brief & proposal.

Project Proposal

Next, we work to create a custom proposal & estimate that outlines everything from site prep (electrical, data, light contracting) to design, installation, and maintenance. After our proposal is approved, we send electronic contracts for signature!

Design & Testing

We then begin to design the actual creative that will appear on your video walls. By first beginning with wireframes and storyboards, we can create the visuals and begin to create a schedule that will appear on your display.


We’ll work with your team or provide a contracting team to create or relocate needed electrical and data, test wireless networks & conduct a site safety survey. This stage is often overlooked by most companies, though it’s vitally important for a perfect end result!

Hardware Delivery & Installation

Depending on the scope of the project, hardware, our team’s tools, and installation gear will be shipped to your facility days before the installation process begins. From here, our team will travel to the facility and begin the installation.

Finalization & Maintenance Kickoff

After the installation process, our team will obtain the final sign-off of installation and begin any necessary training of products, or user-training for hardware. We’ll pass on final instruction manuals (custom created for each project, if needed) and the maintenance period will begin.

Maintenance Period

All IDL projects have an optional maintenance contract that is offered on a yearly basis. Though maintenance schedules can vary, most offer various types of service level agreements that guarantee repairs and troubleshooting either by an on-site of off-site technician.

No matter if you’re looking for a massive wall of displays for an auditorium or just a single screen for a hotel lobby, Interactive Design Labs will create a custom project to meet your needs and budget.

We’re looking forward to hearing about your video wall project, and if you’re ready to get a free proposal, get started here.