Large Touch Screen Kiosks

Big Displays for Even Bigger Ideas

No matter your industry, if you’re considering a large touch screen solution for your organization, you understand the power and versatility of touch screen technology. With virtually endless applications, touch screen displays can be used for everything from interactive museum exhibits to compelling trade show kiosks and beyond. It’s this level of flexibility and customization that makes large touch screens the perfect way for a company to increase brand awareness, influence, and commendations from clients to potential customers and everyone in between!

Convenient, Cutting-Edge Technology

Durable, intuitive, and customizable, IDL touch screen kiosks are developed to perform seamlessly in high-traffic, public spaces such as offices, universities, museums, government branches, and more. Working with leading names in touch screen technology such as Planar, LG, and Samsung, the team at IDL is able to build large, interactive kiosks to match a wide spectrum of specifications.

Ranging anywhere from 42” to a commanding 98”, touch screen kiosks can be developed to fit a variety of sizes. For those looking for smaller displays, take a look at our small touch screen kiosks here—and for those looking for even larger, more dominating displays, consider a video wall instead!

Like the idea of a large-scale touch screen kiosk but not sure how to integrate it? We can help! Here are just a few uses for multi-touch screen kiosks:

  • Wayfinding
  • Hotel lobby check-ins
  • Digital whiteboard in corporate and executive settings
  • Control rooms
  • Schools & educational settings such as museums
  • Retail such as auto sales

With such a wide range of options, IDL large touch screens utilize the highest quality technology to combine crisp resolution, exceptional performance, and custom-developed software to create stunning interactive experiences. If you’re ready to get started on a project and learn about all the ways interactive and multi-touch displays can transform your reality, contact the IDL team today to get started!