Small Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch Screen Kiosks for Every Need

From point of sale (POS) kiosks to trade show displays, it’s apparent that small touch screen kiosks are becoming ubiquitous in industries ranging from everything between retail to hospitality, and education—and for good reason. Touch screen kiosks are endlessly customizable, and in a world where self-automation is becoming an expected norm, allowing people to take charge of their own transactions or journey with your product is a compelling way to stand out from competitors.

Creating Customized Solutions

Utilizing displays from industry leaders such as Planar, LG, and Samsung, the IDL team develops customized software and designs to create touch screen kiosks for virtually any application, including:

  • Point of sale (POS) and ordering kiosks
  • Hotel touch screens
  • Wayfinding systems
  • Data collection & surveys
  • Education & exhibits
  • And so much more!

High-performing, highly adaptive, and ultra sleek, IDL’s small touch screen solutions can be made to serve a variety of needs. And with their small footprint, small touch screen kiosks can be easily arranged or transported to new locations. IDL customizes touch displays starting with tablet sizing and moving up through 24”, 32”, and beyond. Need special sizing? We can help you there, too! Or if you’re seeking larger solutions, check out our large screen kiosks here!

Whether you’re looking to enhance how guests check in at your hotel lobby, or you want an intelligent, responsive way for customers to quickly purchase products, our team will develop a durable solution that meets your vision and your budget.

Stepping into the 21st century is easy when you choose a dedicated, innovative team like IDL to help you every step of the way! Contact us today to get started on your next project!