Touch Screen Software Design

Software Designed Just for You

Having a nice looking screen won’t do much without the proper software to operate it. Whether you want to run a 4k video loop to welcome customers into your organization, or create fun, interactive experiences for visitors to your museum, IDL’s team can develop software to power your vision!

With our custom touch screen software design, the power is in your hands—literally! Tailored to serve an array of applications for a multitude of industries, a touch screen display can transform the way your clients interact with you, your brand, and your products/services. More than just a piece of technology, touch screens allow people from all avenues to connect with one another and achieve bigger, better things.

How It Works

It all starts with a vision—your vision! We love when our clients dream big because delivering big projects that wow both our clients and their customers is what we strive for. We custom design software for touch screens for a variety of uses, such as:

  • Point of sale and ordering kiosks
  • Interactive museum displays
  • Point of information kiosks for lobbies
  • Massive video walls
  • Product displays for showrooms
  • Educational games for classrooms
  • Presentations and interactive collaborations for executives
  • Anything else your imagination can think of!

The reason why touch screens are beginning to spread like wildfire is that flexibility to adapt into truly anything. When you want to communicate your message loud and clear, or find new ways for your own team to pitch the sale, there’s no better partner to have on your side than a touch screen display that’s custom designed just for you.

Pairing our software with industry-leading technology from trusted names such as Planar, LG, and Samsung, we build touchscreen kiosks, video walls, and wayfinding systems that are designed to stand the test of time, and stand out. If you’re interested in learning how IDL’s touch screen software designers can lay the groundwork for creating a piece of technology that can take your organization into the future, contact us today!