Any marketing, IT, or facility professional knows the feeling after you’ve purchased the perfect piece of signage, equipment, or kiosk and the design is failing to thrill you or your stakeholders.

Fortunately, IDL is proud to have one of the best, award-winning teams in the industry. From digital signage “loops” to touch screen “kiosks” or even motion controlled interactive displays, our team has seen or designed it all. No matter the final output or the need & scope, our team is ready for the challenge.

Have a project that’s a little un-defined? No problem! Our team can begin the design of your next installation from the ground up. Backed by our proven process of discovery, our team can start at the conceptual level to bring your design or idea to life!

Have a project that’s a little off the rails? No problem! IDL gets several calls per day from customers who have started signage projects, ordered hardware or even have an existing installation that’s gone a little off track. IDL can not only work with existing equipment or installs, but we can also work to improve or modify existing systems! No challenge is too much for our fantastic design team and we look forward to the chance to prove it!

Here’s some examples of different types of software we develop!