About IDL

Interactive Design Labs is a collection of designers, engineers, artists, installers, and creative technologists focused on bringing the next generation of experiences to life.

Originally known as 151 Interactive, Interactive Design Labs is an award winning team that designs, engineers, installs and supports digital signage, touch displays & interactive exhibits for customers in industries from hospitality and retail to museums and gaming. More than simply offering either hardware or software, IDL offers every facet of digital and touch systems to allow customers a completely custom solution for the best value.

Proud to work with clients throughout the United States, Interactive Design Labs’ headquarters, manufacturing, and design labs are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Along with its sister company, Simply Design, IDL supports customers with a “whole approach” mentality, offering installations and a mobile support team that can support customers, coast to coast.

Our Culture

As a team, Interactive Design Labs started from the experience of years of service. With its sister companies Simply Design & the SD Ad Network, Interactive Design Labs has worked with some of the largest companies in the United States. From massive, multi-national companies, to local US companies intent on connecting with customers, IDL sets its sights on one main goal: total satisfaction.

Whether focused on the perfect installation, a “total solution” software package or an effective system for multiple stakeholders, IDL works every day to make sure customers love their projects. For years, this level of commitment to customers and service has equated to hundreds of relationships and projects and we’re thankful to have the chance to deliver for our customers daily.

While creative drives the life of IDL, we’d be nothing without our fantastic engineering and installation teams. Criss-crossing the country in planes, trucks and trains our teams and equipment arrive ready to work to make sure every project is at it’s best. Our creative teams and our installation teams are also coordinated by a fantastic operations and executive team that work with our suppliers, manufacturers and customers daily to ensure our installations lead the industry.

Our Future

While we’re proud of the work we’ve done, every IDL team member gets excited when we think of the future. From our exiting new projects aimed at providing help to non-profits to our new location in Las Vegas, NV, nothing makes IDL more proud than the customers we get to serve everyday and the families we support with our hard work.

In the years to come, IDL will continue its growth into both the digital and design industry exploring more partnerships with manufacturers of signage and hardware. These vital relationships allow us to offer a value to our customers while maintaining the best possible hardware for every installation. More than a simple “Authorized Reseller”, IDL works to become active users of every piece of hardware it offers to educate customers on warranties, upgrades, and lifespan.

From here, IDL will also continue it’s track record of growth. Thanks to our amazing customers, IDL has been able to experience explosive growth while making sure to never allow ourselves to outpace our promises made to customers. To honor these agreements, IDL is also actively working on several acquisitions of local and national, interactive, and signage companies. These exciting steps to growth will help IDL to offer even better value to its current client base while making massive strides forward in new markets and industries.


When it comes to great advice, most businesses, big and small, far too often rely on the voices of too few. In order to continue its growth and customer satisfaction, Interactive Design Labs maintains an active National Advisory Board, which is made up of individuals from several different backgrounds, industries, and specialties. The group, which meets to discuss and explore options for continued development, is one of the core tenants of IDL. More than just an executive board, the National Advisory Board works to develop the company from each specific facet.

No matter the focus, IDL’s National Advisory Board has a specialist that helps to develop a specific core focus of the company. National Advisory Board members specialize in several walks of life, like accounting and business development, technology and engineering, marketing and advertising, installation and maintenance and even government and compliance.

IDL and its team is so thankful for the contributions and guidance of its National Advisory Board and owes its success, future and possibilities to their dedication and direction. If you’re interested in learning more about the National Advisory Board, email NAB@theidlabs.com or contact our headquarters.