Multi-Touch Tables


To give you and your guests the ultimate interactive experience, IDL teams up with the leading touch screen manufacturers to ensure that you receive a superior product that fits every need, including budget. Whether you’re looking for a table top display for a bar or a large display pad for a museum exhibit, you can give your visitors the experience they’ve always wanted!


At IDL, our driving goal is to provide our customers with tailor-made technology that can seamlessly fit into their organization’s everyday. We take your ideas and make them a reality. To do so, we begin with a video or conference call with our team of specialists so that we may ask you questions pertinent to your project. Is this a touch table for children or adults? Is it for a restaurant and at risk of having liquids spilled on it? Does it need to be easily portable or stationary?

The ability to interact with a table or display was a technology that was once thought to be only a product of Hollywood’s imagination. Advancements in today’s technology have since bridged the gap between science fiction and reality, allowing you to finally take charge!

Putting you in control has never been easier at IDL. We create and install some of the most advanced Multi Touch Tables in the industry, elevating the technology your organization works with to the next level of awesome. Interactive displays are versatile; they can be placed almost anywhere and allow for endless content possibilities – creating an experience like never before. Allow IDL to bring you into the future with a Multi Touch Table display!

Here are just a few different applications for Multi Touch Tables:

  • Museums – Museum Displays with interactive software are an exciting way to display and share, turning information into a tangible, interactive experience!
  • Real Estate – Plat Maps can now be an immersive experience, allowing clients to navigate their way through their future property.
  • Show Rooms – Our customization allows your product to be designed and presented in different settings for potential customers
  • Restaurants – Customers can order directly on the table or pay the check without ever having to interact with a waiter.
  • Wine, Coffee, and Brew Houses – Interactive menus highlight best sellers, allow patrons to order at the table, and multi-user games create an exciting atmosphere.
  • Schools – Internet access, educational games, hands on learning, and art with none of the mess.
  • Personal – Give yourself an at-home control center to turn off the lights, adjust the thermostat, turn on your security system and more.
  • Bars/Clubs – Let customers’ imaginations run wild with create your own cocktails and drinks and social games, giving them more reasons to return to your establishment over others.
  • Hotels – Give your guests the gift of easy check in, the ability to book a room, and get directions to their door or restaurants around the area.
  • POS – Point of Sale – Customers can place items in a virtual shopping basket and will be able to order them straight away by entering their details on a virtual keyboard
  • Meeting rooms – Create a virtual mind map together which can be edited on a desktop later, allow everyone to provide input in real time.
  • Control Rooms – Ease complex controlling routines by using your hands, and use joint handling on large displays.


From there, we draft up a proposal to outline every step of the process to come and its pricing. Starting with the design and site preparation, to delivery, installation, and maintenance, you will know every step we’ll take & how it pertains to your project. Once we’ve come to an agreement, we’ll send an electronic contract for you to sign!

Design & Testing

You can work with IDL confidently knowing that every project we take on is purely custom made for every individual client to assure the best fit, the best software, and more. A design for a college classroom is not going to be the same as one for a children’s hospital, and should not be treated as such. We’ll start by drafting up wireframes and storyboards if applicable, to outline the visuals that will be displayed on the touchscreen, and once approved, start developing the software.

Site Preparation

After the building and testing is complete, it’s time to get the finished product into your hands. We have our own contracting team, or can work with one you prefer to begin the site preparation. We value the safety of your and your guests, and our number one priority is performing our site safety survey – a step many companies tend to overlook! Depending on the desired location, we may need to trench new electrical and test existing wireless networks to assure the highest level of operation.

Hardware Delivery & Installation

If your project includes 25 small touchscreens or one that’s five feet in length, your purchase will be brought to you by IDL’s professional white glove delivery service to ensure it’s left with the right person and to avoid possible damages in shipping. Once the project has arrived, our team will travel to your organization to start installation.

Finalization & Maintenance Kickoff

After the installation has been completed, we will get your final sign-off of the installation so that we know it has met your expectations. It’s at this point that we can then start any user-training for hardware or software, and will give you instruction manuals that IDL has created for each individual project if necessary. If you signed up for a maintenance period, it will also begin at this time.

Maintenance Period

Every Interactive Design Lab project comes with an optional maintenance contract. These are renewed annually, and the level of what services are performed are negotiated in the contract agreement. This agreement certifies that you will receive repairs and troubleshooting by one of our on-site or off-site technicians.

If you’re ready to step into the future and out from the crowd, then let the experts at IDL bring your big ideas into the real world!