Touch Screen Table

Innovation At Your Fingertips

Interactive displays are versatile—they can be placed almost anywhere, and allow endless possibilities for people to interact with your brand, content, or products. Touch screen tables create an experience that feels rooted in the future but is perfectly familiar and attainable. In order to provide you with the perfect interactive table, we teamed up with the leading touch screen manufacturers to ensure that you receive a superior product that fits your every need, including budget!

A Product for Every Industry

The beauty of technology is that it can be adapted to serve any need! Our specialized team can customize software to create touch screen tables in a variety of sizes that can be built into new kits or integrate with one of your existing tables.

To get an idea of how a touch table can be used for your organization, get inspired by some of these possibilities:

  • Museums & Schools – Museum displays with interactive software are an exciting way to display and share, turning information into a tangible, interactive experience! Internet access, educational games, hands-on learning, and art with none of the mess!
  • Real Estate – Plat maps can now be an immersive experience, allowing clients to navigate their way through their future property.
  • Show Rooms – Our customization allows your product to be designed and presented in different settings for potential customers.
  • Hotels – Give your guests the gift of easy check in, the ability to book a room, and get directions to their door or restaurants around the area.
  • Point of Sale (POS) – Customers can place items in a virtual shopping basket and will be able to order them straight away by entering their details on a virtual keyboard.
  • Meeting rooms – Create a virtual mind map together which can be edited on a desktop later, allow everyone to provide input in real time.
  • And so much more!

The Next Step Towards the Future

You can work with IDL confidently knowing that every project we take on is purely custom made for every individual client to assure the best fit, the best software, and the best results. If you’re ready to learn how our team can design the perfect touch screen table for your organization or company, give us a call today to get started!