Reasons Interactive Displays Can Help in Any Field

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Interactive displays aren’t just for a few specialty industries. They’re a new tool that nearly any industry can leverage to great effect. These four reasons aren’t the only reasons you may want to adopt interactive digital signage and other interactive solutions, but they should paint a strong picture of the advantages. Anything interactive is inherently more of an experience than … Read More

Tips for Making Your Interactive Kiosk a Big Hit

Want to make your interactive kiosk as effective as possible? Then you need to lay the groundwork for success. It’s not enough to simply rely on the “new” aspect of interactive technology to get people interested in your kiosk. To make fullest use of the myriad benefits of an interactive display, keep these three tips in mind: 1 – Make … Read More

Important Qualities to Think About When Buying Digital Signage

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Digital signage can be a highly powerful way to increase the efficiency and branding power of your business. Digital signage can not only be used for enhanced outbound marketing, but may be employed as a convenient content management system as well. Whatever the purpose may be behind your interest in digital signage, there are a few things that should be … Read More

Digital Signage Is the Future

Today, we live in a world where information is readily available at our fingertips. To gain an advantage over your competitors, you need to keep your audience engaged and updated with information. Digital signage is an easy and cost-effective way to maintain current information without the added hassle of printing flyers, brochures, and posters. At Interactive Design Labs, we help … Read More

Ways to Leverage an Interactive Wall at Your Business

Whether you already have an interactive wall in place and need new ways to utilize it, or you’re considering the potential value of digital signage for your business, these four applications of this exciting new technology are certain to add new dimensions to the way you interact with visitors. Don’t be afraid to experiment, bearing in mind one simple idea: … Read More

3 Interactive Museums to Check out This Summer

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More and more often, museums are using interactive exhibits to increase audience engagement. Here are three such attractions in cities across the United States you should check out if you are vacationing or traveling for business this summer: 1. The American Writers Museum, Chicago The irony of this museum is that it captures 500 years of American literature with a … Read More

Tips for Turning Signage into an Experience

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Whether you’re still working with analog posters and billboards or you’ve upgraded to a digital setup, there’s still so much more room for improvement. Signs don’t have to be boring background noise; they can be something that makes your business unique, something your customers remember every time they think about you, even something they mention to their friends. With that … Read More

Reasons to Work with an Interactive Software Designer

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Digital signage can be an amazing boon for your business, even without any interactive aspects—but to get the most out of this new technology, you may want to consider going a step further. With the help of an interactive software designer, you can produce touchscreen kiosks that deliver an incredible efficiency and efficacy in marketing, customer support, and wayfinding. Here … Read More

Why Upgrade to Interactive Technology?

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Whether you’re still using traditional signs throughout your organization or have upgraded to digital solutions, you ought to be considering the next step forward in your business’ interactive displays. Don’t dismiss this exciting new technology as mere gimmickry; the potential of an interactive kiosk or interactive wayfinding display is likely far beyond what you might expect. Here’s what you stand to … Read More

Virtual Reality and the Global Market in 2017

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Far from its beginnings as an abstract aspect of science fiction novels, virtual reality is now more tangible than ever before. The advent of innovations such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift, have only marked the beginning of a new era of both business productivity and consumer convenience. Investors have locked into the virtual reality wave with more than their own confidence … Read More