Why Digital Signage Makes Sense for Restaurants

Touch Screen ordering at a Restaurant

The catering and hospitality industries are some of the fastest growing adopters of digital signage design, touch software and interactive digital signage – and with good reason. The food industry is subject to more law changes and regulations than most, making a digital signage kiosk more advantageous than a traditional static counterpart when it comes to updating nutritional information or ingredients. On top of this, there are a number of excellent reasons why digital signage is ruling the roost in eateries in 2016, and why it will continue to replace static boards in all types of establishment, from fast-food burger joints to haute cuisine restaurants.

Easy menu changes

Digital signage can be updated remotely, making it easy to change menus at the drop of a hat. Run out of a particular ingredient? No problem – with just a few simple amends you can make use of what you have in stock and update your menu to reflect this.

Make up selling easier

Let your digital signage do the work for you – display promotional items with just a couple of clicks and increase those sales with next to no effort.

Easily rotate menus

Do you offer a breakfast menu in the morning and change it up at lunch time? Allow a digital menu board to make the transition seamless. Digital signage makes it easier to switch menu offers (for example, happy hour 2-for-1 pizza) as and when you need to.

Enhance customer waiting times

Did you know that you can lower your customers’ perceived waiting times by keeping them occupied while they queue? By adding animations, fun facts, and trivia to your digital signage, waiting times feel much shorter.

No more material costs

Static boards require time, effort, and materials to update, which ultimately costs money. With digital signage, all of these costs are diminished, and your menus can be updated in seconds.

Communicate with your customers

Use your digital menus to thank your customers for their patronage – this helps to increase brand loyalty and will encourage your customers to return. Customers like to feel special, so let your digital kiosks do the talking for you.

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