Finding Your Way Has Never Been Easier

While the term wayfinding may or may not be familiar to you, we’d bet that you’re well acquainted with it. If you’ve ever visited a large facility or a campus, you’ve probably had to use its many signs and directions to determine where you were going at one point – that’s wayfinding. As technology advances, wayfinding too finds new ways to better point those lost in the right direction. Whether in a mall, a hospital, or a college campus, anywhere there is a map, digital wayfinding can improve upon it.

There are several benefits included in the use of digital signage for wayfinding, especially so if they are designed to be interactive. An interactive display is able to provide more intricate and complex directions, should any visitor or individual need a more detailed route to their destination. This could be especially useful for locating obscure offices or classrooms on a campus. Other ways digital wayfinding can benefit your campus?

Enhance Visitor Experience

Getting lost is often a major source of frustration for visitors or newcomers on a campus. There’s no bigger sense of panic than trying to find a classroom when you’re on a time crunch, and a digital wayfinding solution can alleviate this problem by directing both students and guest speakers alike where to go.

One Display, Multiple Uses

Digital wayfinding signs are extremely versatile. Other than providing direction, guests can turn to your display for useful information including weather, special events occurring on campus, news alerts and so much more. The best part about digital is how easy it is to update information!

With the ability to go more in-depth than any traditional sign ever could and provide more detailed means of helping visitors to your campus find their way, digital signage holds innumerable advantages over its older counterparts. Show off student work, promote events, and display interactive maps all on one versatile screen. Don’t just think about the ways you can set your campus apart from the rest, do so by integrating modern technology that the forward-thinking patrons of your school will appreciate.

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