Exhibit Installation

At IDL, we love helping our clients ignite their visitors’ imaginations. With our exhibit installations, you can take them on a breathtaking adventure! We can custom design interactive exhibit displays that can bring your guests to faraway lands, uncover fossils, flip through the pages of a book, and anything else you envision. Your displays should be as unique as the information they’re providing! Don’t just show people how a car works, let them play around under the hood!

Museum exhibits are the ideal place to integrate IDL’s next-gen technology. By combining the innovation of touch screens with eager minds ready to learn, you can create an unforgettable educational experience for curious minds both young & old alike. Our installations aren’t limited to just museums, showrooms and any other event/organization where you want to present information or images are also great for our kiosks! While people are passing by other booths, they’ll be captivated by your unique presentation.


We guarantee our clients superior technology, and in order to do so, we work with the best screen and kiosk manufacturers in the trade. No matter your budget or project size, we can integrate our software to fit your needs. Whether it’s a 15” screen to display a product demo at a car dealership or an 80” projector display linked to a 35” touchscreen table for mapping the stars at a museum, let IDL provide you with the ability to wow your guests.


In order to truly bring your exhibition to life, we will start with a conference or video call so you can ask questions of our team of specialists, and vice versa. Together we can discover the various elements of the project so that we can create a project brief & proposal. What is the exhibit about? Do the touchscreens need to be waterproof? Do you need the screens linked up to a projector? These types of questions and more will help us create the ideal medium for your vision!

Project Proposal

Once we’ve finalized the blueprint of the project, we’ll create a personalized proposal. Here you’ll receive everything you need – from pricing estimates, design and artwork creation, site preparation, which includes electrical trenching and light contracting, installation and maintenance.

Design & Testing

Your exhibit is one-of-a kind and IDL will create a custom installation that is 100% unique to you & your organization. After the contracts have been signed, we start the most important process – the development of the software which will combine your amazing ideas with our creativity and inventive technology. We will share with you our wireframes and storyboards so you can begin to see your project come to life – this will also allow you the opportunity to provide input & make any creative changes.

Site Preparation

Whether you favor a particular contractor to work with or prefer to work with one of our own, once the design has been completed, we then prep the location for the installation. We will need to install or relocate existing electrical systems, wireless networks, and most importantly, conduct our site safety survey. The area must adhere to our safety standards, because nothing matters more to us than our clients and their guests’ safety when interacting with our technology.

Hardware Delivery & Installation

No matter the size of your exhibit, big or small, you will receive the same professional white glove delivery service to your location. This ensures that no random service provider is moving your equipment haphazardly.

Finalization & Maintenance Kickoff

Once installation is completed, we will perform any necessary tests to ensure proper functionality of the software. A final sign-off will be obtained, and if you or your employees require any training on how to use the software and teach others, this will also be done at this time. Then guests will be free to explore to their heart’s content!

Maintenance Period

For all IDL projects, we offer an optional maintenance contract that will be renewed annually. Maintenance schedules can vary depending on the complexity and usage of the exhibit. However, the levels of service conducted can be negotiated in the contract agreement that guarantees repairs and troubleshooting either by an on or off-site technician.

Whether you’re looking to display a repeated video presentation at a Tesla dealership, or give an interactive tour about the amazing animals you might see on an African safari, Interactive Design Labs will give you the means to let your and your guests’ imaginations soar!