Gesture Based Systems

Have you ever wanted the ability to control something with the wave of your hand or the delicate movement of your finger? At IDL, we work to bridge the gap between humans and technology. Gesture based computing can now be created that allows you to interact with your presentations, designs, displays, and so much more.

Advancements in technology have provided thrilling new opportunities for human-computer interaction. We’re no longer limited to simply tapping on plastic keys or using decades old mouse technology. Strides have been made by leveraging the Kinect sensor to track the human body, develop face recognition, and understand minute human actions to create gesture based systems which can be used to immerse people of all ages in numerous applications.

Below are just a few situations where an IDL Gesture Based System can be implemented:

  • Museum exhibits
  • Classrooms
  • Large Conferences


Whether you’re looking to use simple swipe commands to skip slides or want to interact with a 3-D environment, IDL can create the ideal gesture based systems according to your need and budget. We partner with the finest hardware designers in the industry in order to give our clients superior technology they can count on.


Bringing a gesture based system from conception to fruition is no small task. We begin by meeting with you, either through conference or video call to start communication about what ideas you have for your project. Will your gesture based system be used by one person at a time, or groups of people? Will it involve simple motions such as swiping or clicking, or more complex movements such as setting down a glass of water? Questions such as these will help us design the ultimate device to encapsulate your vision.

Project Proposal

Once we’ve discussed the details of your project, IDL will create a proposal outlining next steps which include design, site preparation – which includes professional setup of electrical (no powerstrips!), installation and regular maintenance. After you’ve approved our proposal, we will send an electronic contract for signatures.

Design & Testing

Just as every person is unique, and therefore, so is every project, our Gesture Based Systems are custom made to cater to each of our client’s needs. Upon the acceptance of IDL’s proposal, we start creating the software. We’ll mockup wireframes and storyboards if applicable to give you insight as to how we’ve interpreted your direction.

Site Preparation

When it’s time to start preparing your location for install, we can either work with your team of contractors or supply our own. We will work to trench new electrical so that your system isn’t bogged down with clunky wiring, test wireless networks, and most importantly, conduct our site safety survey. Your, as well as everyone who will be using our Gesture Based System’s safety is vitally important to us.

Hardware Delivery & Installation

When it’s time to get the product to you, we assure careful transportation via our professional white glove delivery service. From there, our team will travel to your location to start the installation process!

Finalization & Maintenance Kickoff

After the installation has been completed, our team will request your final sign-off on the installation after we’ve tested all gesture recognitions and confirm they’re functioning seamlessly. We’ll then begin any training or user-training for hardware and pass on the final instructions manuals which are custom created by IDL for each individual project.

Maintenance Period

Every IDL project we create comes with an optional maintenance contract. We offer these on a yearly basis, with varying maintenance schedules and service level agreements that guarantee repairs if touch sensors start to go out or someone accidentally spills coffee on a touchscreen. Maintenance can be performed by either an on-site or off-site technician.

Encourage interactive learning in your classrooms, build up excitement during a conference, or create an immersive experience for museum patrons to talk about days after they’ve left with a Gesture Based System from IDL!