How Digital Signage Can Assist Customers with Disabilities

Order Here Food Sign in Restaurant

People with disabilities can struggle to do things in daily life which are often effortless for others. In many scenarios, digital signage can assist people with disabilities. In particular, multi-touch software, interactive displays, and touch screen kiosks allow for more accessibility and ease of use, which could improve facilities for all customers, regardless of ability.

Multi-touch software
Multi-touch software powers electronics and enables the screen to allow several contacts simultaneously. Therefore, people can easily touch them in order to indicate their choice or preference, or answer simple questionnaires without assistance. Government and city buildings are required to accommodate those with disabilities, and multi-touch software works well in government and municipal locations, as people who need speech or language assistance can fill out forms more easily.

Interactive displays
These are very applicable to hotel and hospital environments. With interactive displays in hotels, it’s much easier to order room service by simply navigating a screen with a finger. For a hospital environment, the patient could summon a nurse, call for assistance, or indicate hunger or thirst more efficiently. Interactive displays could also perform as a very beneficial part of a larger network and/or monitoring system.

Touch screen kiosks
Touch screen kiosks can be easily adapted to restaurant and retail settings. It is quite possible for a speech impaired person to walk into a fast-food store, approach the touch screen kiosks and order the food they desire. Payment can also be rendered at the kiosk, facilitating the whole process.

It can be more challenging for people with disabilities to complete tasks that others take for granted. Multi-touch software can greatly ease their difficulties, and more importantly, it can increase user ability for all customers, as with an ever more technological world, people are becoming more and more attuned to high-tech customer facilitation. Interactive displays, touch screen kiosks and multi-touch software can make transactions smoother for everyone, including those with disabilities. Businesses that acquire digital signage are positioning themselves well to increase their customer base.

If you have a question about how interactive technology can help your business and help others, we encourage you to give us a call!