How Digital Signage is Changing Tourism

Travelers at an Airport

The paper maps of yesterday’s travel and tourism have evolved into smartphone apps. Travel guidebooks have largely been replaced by travel websites. It’s easy to see that the world of travel and tourism is changing as technology develops new ways to make travel more accessible. Many of the considerable challenges of travel are now easier to face thanks to these technological advancements. Digital signage is one way that technology can and is beginning to play a role in travel and will continue to revolutionize it in the future.

Breaking down the language barrier
Not knowing the language in a place you’re visiting can be one of the most challenging aspects of international travel. Digital signage can help reduce the fear of not fluently understanding the local language by allowing users to easily change settings on touch screen kiosks to the language of their preference.

Finding your way
Touch screen maps can assist in navigating unfamiliar cities and locating necessary amenities.

Imagine if, instead of the usual maps often found on the corners of city streets, you could use interactive wayfinding to search destinations, discover nearby restaurants, or look up museum hours. Integration with a mobile app can even direct you to where you go in live time. It’s easy to feel like a local when using an interactive map.

Making public transport more accessible
Figuring out public transport can be difficult, and mistakes can cost time and cause frustration. Digital signage makes it easier to take advantage of public transportation when you’re in an unfamiliar area.

Interactive maps can show you exactly where you are, as well as the location of the bus or train you need to catch. With an interactive display, you could determine the best route, pay for your transport and have peace of mind when using public transportation.

Learning more
Interactive displays can ensure that visitors get the most of popular tourist attractions and museum exhibits.

Touch kiosks can act as virtual tour guides, allowing visitors to learn in-depth about various attractions and popular sights. Museum visitors can participate in hands-on learning at interactive exhibits, making for a more exciting and educational museum experience.

Digital signage is changing tourism by making the world simpler to navigate and easier to engage with. By reducing the barriers that often come with travel, technology can bring the world a little closer together. If you’d like to learn more about digital signage, touch screen kiosks, or other inventive ways to make people visiting your city or establishment have an easier, more exciting experience, give us a call today to request your free quote!