To successfully capture a person’s attention in the modern era requires one fundamental component that can be found in just about everyone’s home, car, or even back pocket – and that’s a digital screen. Whether you’re driving down the street, ordering fast food, or visiting the doctor’s office, one thing is clear: digital is everywhere and it’s here to stay.

Digital signage has evolved to be more than just a static image on an LED screen. Don’t just tell customers that you’re having a sale, grab their attention and show them what’s for sale. Don’t just draw on a map to show your guests how to get to their room, let them take a virtual tour, and while they’re at it, let them search for a nearby restaurant to eat at after they’ve settled down. It’s the little things that get customers excited and have them coming back for more. The possibilities for intelligent digital signage in the modern age are many, and Interactive Design Labs is here to make them come to life.

Integrating Technology into Your Business to expand Your Outreach

We combine functionality and beauty by pairing our innovative software with hardware made by industry-leading manufacturers – all to provide you with digital signage solutions that help you connect with your customers on a personal level. With IDL, you can vary the message you send across daily, hourly, or even by the minute, showcase product features, or have customers display a photo of their own! It’s your dream, so make it exciting!

In order to give you high-performance technology solutions that work, we’ve refined our procedures according to a best fit model. Included in our services are:

  • Site safety survey to ensure the area you choose to install your system is the safest and most optimal for operation
  • Full-service team travels to your location for installation
  • Work with contractors to install cabling, networks, and perform any necessary upgrades to the area such as trenching electrical
  • On-site testing of software to ensure functionality
  • In-depth user training for hardware or software
  • Emergency repair and troubleshooting with maintenance agreement

Don’t Just Get Attention, Keep It.

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