Finding Your Way Has Never Been Easier

digital wayfinding displaysWayfinding isn’t a term we use very often, but it refers to something we are very used to: direction. If you’ve been to a hospital, you’ve probably had to use its many signs and directions to figure out where on you were going. That’s wayfinding. Naturally, the entire notion of wayfinding is advancing along with the advent of other technologies, and more and more facilities and institutions are looking to digital displays for wayfinding instead of static maps encased in glass.

Wayfinding digital displays offer a lot of benefits, especially if they are interactive. Interactive displays are self-serving and reduce the need for staff members to help lost patrons find their way. This is better for the efficiency of your staff and those visitors who want to help themselves quickly and hassle-free. When visitors don’t have to worry about where they’re going or trying to find someone to help them, this makes for a much more positive experience.

Digital Displays Show You More than Just Where to Go

Complex wayfinding mapping also provides you with the ability to provide printed mapping instructions, as well as wayfinding that can be pulled up on a mobile device. The extra versatility and the mere option of being able to access the mapping in this manner can also enhance visitor experience. Everyone believes their time is precious, and it is. Guests are more likely to remember your institution with fondness if they utilize new, advanced technologies to save even just a little bit of time. Interactive displays will also let you integrate lists into your map which makes navigation in and of itself much easier for visitors to the facility. With lists that can be filtered and managed alphabetically (or in whatever manner you choose), it becomes much faster for people to navigate their way throughout the facility.

The versatility of wayfinding digital displays is the largest boon of all. Both the software and hardware can be designed in several ways to fit any organization or business’ needs. There’s no reason to believe it can only offer directions within buildings. It can be used to direct visitors to rooms, buildings on a campus, or even to particular people. It can also be used to display a lot of other kinds of information, including weather, time, location, etc.

Its malleability allows your facility to offer something currently many do not – an easy way for visitors to help themselves. It creates a much less frustrating experience. After all, have you ever tried to find your way on a large college campus? We could all use some help! With greater convenience for every visitor, not to mention far more efficiency for all of your staff, there are many reasons to consider wayfinding digital displays. As time wears on, technology must advance as well, and that includes the way we provide directions to visitors.

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