Digital Wayfinding: Finding Your Way to Customer Satisfaction

White Arrow on Black Road

Standing in the middle of a labyrinth of hotel hallways, fumbling with outdated paper maps and confusing directions, conference attendees can be heard asking “is the room this way, or that way?” Once they’ve found their destination, a handwritten sign on a tipsy easel informs the disappointed visitors of a cancellation; directing them to yet another conference room so far away it will take a week to find. If this is not the type of experience you want for your customers, digital wayfinding may be your next step in customer satisfaction.

Gone are the days of “you are here” imagery on a static display with baffling blueprints of buildings and floor space. Imagine visitors to your hotel, conference center, hospital, museum or college campus navigating your space with ease through interactive digital signage and touch screen displays.

Whether interfacing with a wall display or through a kiosk, your customers will love interacting digitally with the information they need to find their way quickly and effortlessly. Digital signage cuts out the need for costly printing updates whenever vital information changes. Adjusting directions, maps, and floor plans through digital wayfinding is quick and easy; with interactive software providing customers with timely and up-to-date information while enhancing a positive customer experience. Multi-touch software can also enable your visitors to see your property’s floor plans and overviews in 3D. Traveling onsite in a virtual world is possible through touch screen software and hardware enabling your visitors to see your property’s floor plans and overviews in 3D; they can even carry those views with them by connecting with the software through their personal smartphones and tablets. Self-sufficiency and ease of mobility will enhance customer experience, possibly resulting in greater revenue for your business.

Take a massive step forward in customer satisfaction. Find your way into the future – with digital signage, touch displays and interactive exhibits from the award-winning team at Interactive Design Labs, providing custom solutions and tech support for the best value for your business, coast to coast.