E-Tags for Food Service

Does your buffet serve hundreds of dishes a day? Electronic tags (e-tags or etags) are digital buffet signs that make it easier to transition from breakfast to brunch to lunch to dinner! No matter what you’re serving, whether it’s gourmet fare or family friendly favorites, electronic buffet labels and price signs from Interactive Design Labs are the answer to your frustrations!

Handwritten or printed tags may be nice, but they’re also outdated. If you can’t replace a food label in real time, you’re missing out on an opportunity to save time, energy, and even money!

E-Tags and Digital Display Signs For Buffets

The Durable, Elegant System for Managing Your Buffet

Picture this: it’s the dinner rush and your most popular dish has run out. You replace that empty spot with something new, but the label is all wrong. People are looking for chicken piccata but they’re looking at osso bucco. With an e-tag system in place, you can update the digital label in seconds without having to remove or erase anything! Now your guests are happy and you have one less thing to worry about.

With an Interactive Design Labs e-tag system, your buffet can have a clean, durable, and customized way to manage the dishes you present to your hungry guests. Wrapped in an easy to clean vinyl, these electronic shelf labels can be set in place and removed only when they need to be cleaned or you feel like updating the color scheme. All the labeling can be completed from a user friendly dashboard through a server that our technicians install. Need to change PEI muscles to crab legs? Simply find the correct etag on your dashboard, type it in and press “update”!

Not only are these electronic buffet labels hot and cold proof to withstand the steam and chill of your menu items, we can customize their look to match your company’s unique branding or preferences! Worried about batteries? That’s the best part of the system! With standard menu changes, these digital buffet signs will last years on one set of batteries and are extremely low maintenance!

With an e-tag ( electronic tag ) system from Interactive Design Labs, you can transform how your buffet manages its offerings. Say goodbye to cheap looking tent signs, outdated naming of food, or scrambling to switch out labels with customers around—give us a call today and get started!

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