Advantages of Digital Signage Over Traditional Fixtures

New York Digital Signage

Curious what digital signage might offer your business over the comfortable, familiar benefits of traditional fixtures? After all, replacing your analog signs with their digital counterparts can mean quite the investment of time and resources, especially for a larger business — but have no doubt it’s worth the investment. Here are just five of the ways digital signage solutions exceed their traditional counterparts:

1) Image

Installing digital signage and kiosks can be a great way to overhaul your image and revitalize your brand. Customers like to know they’re shopping at locations leveraging the latest and greatest technologies as a general rule; even commonplace information such as an advertisement or directions can seem exciting and interesting if delivered in a new way.

2) Interactivity

Something as simple as a touchscreen kiosk can create a completely different experience for your guests, even if a traditional analog solution might deliver the exact same information. When a customer goes back and forth with your system to get what they need, it leaves a much stronger positive impression, building brand equity you can capitalize upon for years to come. You can also take the opportunity to deliver tailored advertising, help, and other individualized information.

3) Mobile compatibility

While not all digital signage can do so, many of the latest versions of this technology allow integration with mobile apps on phones and tablets. That means you can create an unified experience for people who visit your shop, deliver customized assistance and advertising even after they leave, and gain unique insights into how your customers shop and what products they prefer.

4) Versatility

Want to offer different deals at different times of day? Want to be able to throw holiday decorations up and take them down without any effort? Want to experiment with a variety of advertising methods, including video, interactive experiences, and more? You can do all of this with the right combination of interactive digital signage and digital signage software. The versatility of traditional fixtures simply cannot compete in options or convenience.

5) Efficiency

No analog sign lasts forever. Advertisements, directions, contact information – all of it changes as time goes by. That means buying more signs and tasking employees to change them. With digital fixtures, it means one person at a computer for a short period time and nothing more. By investing in digital today, you get to save money on traditional in the future. It’s that simple.

If you’re ready to re-engage existing customers or need a platform to start drawing in new ones, grab your proposal from Interactive Design Labs and start planning for your business’ future!