Mistakes to Avoid with Your Interactive Display

Video Wall Display Oops

Whether you already have digital signage in place at your business, or you’re merely considering it, there are some common errors you’ll want to avoid in your early days with the technology. While you may already have considered some of these mistakes and sidestepped them, there may be one or two you haven’t considered, so make sure you’re making the most of your signage.

  • Obnoxious, not interesting
    There’s a thin line between attention-grabbing and obnoxious, which is going to vary depending on who you’re showing the content to, what they’re doing at the time, and numerous other factors. Make sure you test and experiment to find the right side of that line. It’s very easy to get over-excited about the potential of your new tech and produce something that’s wonderful to interact with, but focuses a bit too much on the interactivity – rather than getting the information you want across clearly.
  • Using digital signage like reusable posters
    Yes, an interactive touch screen can be used like a poster you don’t have to manually replace, but it offers so much more than that. Make sure you’re leveraging the potential of digital signage to the fullest, or you’re wasting a huge portion of your investment.
  • Lack of integration
    Digital signage design has leapt forward quite a bit in recent years. It’s very easy to put together an easily-managed, interactive network of screens with shared databases, then tie those same systems into a visitor-held app for exceptional possibilities. Digital means connected, so make as many connections as possible between your tech and customers, and get the most out of the opportunity.
  • Failure to consider maintenance and upkeep
    Remember, these aren’t disposable posters. You’re going to need to be able to clean them, fix them, adjust them. Don’t set things up in such a way that any interaction with your signage turns into a major endeavor for whoever maintains them.

The main secret of digital signage lay in its versatility and potential to adapt. You can change presentations at the drop of a hat, deliver tailored content to every guest, and offer interactive user-friendly interfaces for wayfinding and other traditionally analog tasks. Remember the potential at hand, and use it to your advantage.