Why You Need Interactive Digital Signage at Your Museum

Guests Looking at Paintings in a Museum

The best museums and museum exhibits are the ones that engage visitors and encourage them to actively learn and experience every facet of the topic. Rather than just standing and staring at art on a wall or reading a plaque about a time in history, visitors enjoy and remember their experiences much more when they can interact with the displays around them. The best way to establish this kind of museum environment is by implementing different kinds of digital signage software. Here are just a few of the reasons interactive software is crucial to a successful museum:

1. Making way finding easy

Gone are the days of wasteful paper museum maps that get ripped and crumpled in your visitors’ bags. Instead, we can create customized, interactive wayfinding platforms that make it easy for visitors to choose and follow routes on a digital map. This kind of touchscreen software is perfect for large museums or even just for finding your way around temporary exhibits.

2. Creating hands-on experiences

Oftentimes at museum exhibits, there are reasons certain things are off limits in terms of touching and handling them. But there are other ways to create tangible, hands-on experiences without disrupting valuable exhibit items. With multi touch software, we can create tables that are interactive displays, allowing people to touch and obtain information in a way that perfectly supplements the rest of the exhibit.

3. Igniting imaginations

With our exhibit installations and augmented reality software, you can bring people into a whole new world when they interact with your displays. This is ideal for kids and student groups on field trips, because it keeps them entertained and allows them to learn by doing, but an interactive exhibit is truly stimulating for visitors of all ages. You can even install some of our motion tracking software, which uses innovative and cutting edge gesture-based computing to allow people to manipulate what’s on screen simply by waving their hands in front of it. This kind of technology is so immersive and exciting that it could be a museum display on its own, so imagine what it can do to boost the displays you already have.

If you’re ready to take your museum exhibit out from the glass box and into your eager guests’ hands, give Interactive Design Labs a call today to get your free proposal!