Reasons Interactive Displays Can Help in Any Field

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Interactive displays aren’t just for a few specialty industries. They’re a new tool that nearly any industry can leverage to great effect. These four reasons aren’t the only reasons you may want to adopt interactive digital signage and other interactive solutions, but they should paint a strong picture of the advantages.

  • Memorability

    Anything interactive is inherently more of an experience than something non-interactive, which in turn makes it more memorable. To put it another way, an interactive display will naturally activate more sections of the brain, which in turn forms stronger memories. This is extremely useful whether you’re delivering advertisements, wayfinding, or customer assistance – you can deliver an effective, helpful experience, and have that positive experience strongly remembered. This same trait is also valuable in gaming applications and special events; potentially even more so.

  • Versatility

    Interactive displays can do more than analog displays. How many languages can you fit onto a traditional physical display – and what does it do to graphic design and impact? Compare that to the infinite adaptability of a digital interactive display, which can shift between languages, pages, themes, and content in an instant. The same applies to helping individuals with poor eyesight by adjusting text size, or any other possible adjustments. This versatility is matched by an equal level of agility: you can make small tweaks repeatedly in a matter of minutes. Want to tweak wording or visuals to improve results? You can do so. Need to adjust things for a sale, special event, or some other change? It’s simple. You can even leverage this for rapid iteration to explore options and research users.

  • Ease of use

    Interactive solutions, matched against non-interactive solutions, will almost always be easier to use. Compare an analog wayfinding solution, like a map, to an interactive digital wayfinding solution, like Google Maps. It’s easy to see which one is more convenient for the user. This applies to solutions for employees and customers – a better, more efficient experience for either can only help your business.

  • Big data

    There are essentially no industries left that aren’t reliant upon big data in their marketing, customer support, or market research. Interactive software for your digital displays can integrate your data and analytics solutions, adding a new point of information you can leverage across the rest of your business.

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