For years, the team at IDL has heard the same sentence come across the phone:

“You’re an interactive company and you still have paper catalogs?”

The simple answer is, yes. Why, you may ask?

IDL is first and foremost a company that serves our customers. Whether we’re making life easier with a fantastic digital installation or with a team that’s totally committed to service and support, we’re here to serve our customers.

To this end, IDL is proud to design, produce, and ship its own catalogs made out of recycled paper. Our catalogs are a collection of current pricing for popular signage, digital products, touch displays, hardware, and even general installation pricing. Beyond this, we’re excited to work with our fantastic providers and manufacturers to offer factory discounts only available through IDL.

So, if you’re a professional that likes mail, we get you! Please just submit a form below and our team will hand address a catalog and make sure it’s in the mail within the next business day. We’ll even jot in a quick note thank you!

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