Tasks Made Easier with Interactive Digital Signage

a busy mall

Interactive digital signage is growing in popularity with businesses around the world, and not just because it’s a neat new toy to impress customers with. Used effectively, digital signage can improve your efficiency at a number of tasks while simultaneously improving outcomes. Here are just a few of the tasks savvy business owners are putting interactive signage to work on:

In-store advertising

The most obvious application of digital signage, but one worth delving into nonetheless. Not only do you cut down on wasted collateral caused by leaving ineffective signage up or the wasted manpower of frequent updates to traditional signage, you gain a number of tools unique to digital interactive solutions. These include immersing guests or visitors in interactive advertisements and delivering customized content in combination with other technology such as mobile apps.


Wayfinding with interactive digital kiosks is far more effective for customers, which means they get to where they want to go more consistently, require less time from your floor staff, and customers feel better about shopping at your store. Whether you’re using simple store maps with basic navigation tools or a system that integrates mobile apps or other options, the results will be far more effective and efficient than a traditional map.

Customer support

Some questions a customer might have can be answered by a well-configured interactive kiosk. For questions that go unanswered, an interactive kiosk can quickly connect a confused customer with a helpful staff member. Used properly, this means staff members waste less time on inefficient tasks, customers waste less time hunting down an employee on the floor, and everyone comes out more satisfied with how they’ve spent their time and enjoy their overall experience.

Personalized services

If you have a membership program or a mobile app that you use extensively, installing interactive kiosks to provide additional services and support to your guests can be a great way to create an efficient, unified experience. With this sort of setup, you can deliver highly targeted marketing, deals, suggestions, and services to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

These are just a few of the ways businesses are using digital signage—there are plenty of others worth considering too. If you are ready to take the next step to integrate your business into the world of interactive signage, get in touch with Interactive Design Labs. To find out more about your options, contact us today!