Why You Should Be Thinking About Augmented Reality Software

Man Using Augmented Reality Software on Phone

If you’re not familiar with the term yet, you may be wondering what augmented reality is, and why it’s suddenly such a big deal in tech-savvy circles. First, the basics: augmented reality refers to the combined use of hardware and software to introduce digital aspects into the real world. The navigation aids displayed on a high-tech windshield for night driving, the digital ten-yard line on football broadcasts, and cell phone games revealing ‘monsters’ in your local park are just three examples of augmented reality software in the wild. Here’s how you can use this technology for your business:

The simplest usage of augmented reality may be the most interesting for your visitors. With a well-built wayfinding app, your customers’ mobile devices can guide them through your stores with personalized signs and arrows, right down to a distinct area on a specific shelf. This same technology can also be immensely helpful to your employees, of course.

Experiential marketing
People remember anything that engages them on multiple levels. Using augmented reality to make every visit to your location exciting and interesting can work wonders for your overall brand awareness. Want people to pay attention to your ads and specials? Put up special advertisements only visible through an augmented reality scavenger hunt. Customers will work hard for deals and think better of you for it!

Customer support
Augmented reality gives your customer support staff great tools for guiding customers through their problems remotely. In a larger location, this is immensely valuable, greatly cutting back on wasted employee travel time.

‘Try it on’ features
Clothes, makeup, haircuts, paint jobs – all of these and more can be tried on with the right augmented reality software on your side. Customers will be far more eager to buy when they can see with their own eyes exactly how great that new blouse would look. You’ll probably end up with fewer returns, too.

Augmented reality isn’t a magic bullet, and may not be appropriate for every business venture just yet. But there’s a lot of opportunity there for businesses willing to dive in and take advantage — before this new tool becomes old hat.

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