Tips for Turning Signage into an Experience

hands using touchscreen phone

Whether you’re still working with analog posters and billboards or you’ve upgraded to a digital setup, there’s still so much more room for improvement. Signs don’t have to be boring background noise; they can be something that makes your business unique, something your customers remember every time they think about you, even something they mention to their friends.

With that in mind, here are three ways to turn your signage into a personal experience for the customer:

Go Interactive

Upgrading to digital signage is a good first step, but there’s no reason not to take things further and make your ads, wayfinding kiosks, and other signs into interactive stations. That means different things for different signs, of course. For advertising, you may want to let people click through for more information or similar products. For wayfinding, touchscreen navigation akin to what people are used to from car navigation can be very helpful. It also makes everything 100 times as memorable, which is good for business.

Reach Outside

Interactive signage doesn’t have to just mean ‘touchscreens’. You can go a step further and interface with customers in any number of ways. For example, if you have a membership card or mobile app, you can use that application to recognize customers and interact with them in a personalized way. You can have wayfinding kiosks that touch base with the user’s mobile app and guide them from point to point, if you’re ambitious enough, and even provide personalized advertising based on their spending habits or other information you hold. Don’t limit yourself to mere signs – you can reach further.


Your wayfinding kiosk can also be used for a number of other features to help free up staff. It can feature a ‘call for assistance’ button that alerts an employee that a customer needs help. You may even open up a direct line for remote assistance, so the employee doesn’t have to rush across the store to help. You can do far more with each individual sign; there’s no reason to restrict yourself to only one goal.

If you’d like to learn more about the process of turning your digital signage into an interactive system, contact us at Interactive Design Labs today. We’ll be glad to discuss your options and help you figure out the best setup for your needs and goals. We look forward to hearing more about your company and the ways we can help integrate your business into the world of interactive signage!