How Touch Screen Technology Can Improve Customer Experience

Wayfinding in Airport

Interactive digital signage technology has become quite popular in forward-thinking businesses around the world, but not as many businesses are looking at the biggest potential of touchscreens: improving the shopping experience for everyone who walks through your doors. Try these five tips to make your touch screen setups a boon for every guest:

  1. Wayfinding

Perhaps the most obvious way to utilize a touchscreen kiosk to the benefit of the customer, and definitely one of the best. With a properly configured wayfinding solution on your interactive kiosk, not only will your visitors find it easy to get around to the things they’re looking for, they’ll enjoy doing so. Go a step further with mobile integration for a really impressive result.

  1. Customer support

With touchscreen kiosks placed strategically throughout your store, you can make it easier than ever for customers to receive assistance remotely or alert an employee to their needs. This can improve employee efficiency too, if you’re operating in a larger location—there won’t be nearly as much travel time involved in basic customer service!

  1. Entertainment

Some businesses benefit from offering basic entertainment, something a touch screen kiosk can excel at. Whether you’re stopping people from getting bored while they wait or just trying to stand out from your competitors however you can, you can leverage touchscreens for entertainment purposes and make every visit to your shop just a little bit more pleasant.

  1. Targeted advertisements

No one likes getting advertisements they don’t care about, but a properly configured interactive kiosk can help show people the things they’re most likely to be interested in—as much as customers may hate getting the wrong advertisements, they love getting a worthwhile recommendation. And it’ll improve your sales, too!

  1. Assistance for the disabled

There are a lot of ways to use touchscreen kiosks as part of a comprehensive plan to aid the disabled. Those with non-visible disabilities or who are embarrassed about receiving assistance from an employee will be very appreciative if your kiosks mean they can access self-service easier.

Use these ideas as inspiration to help you discover the possibilities of touch screen technology. It’s not a way of the future – it’s now – and if you’re not considering all the ways to improve your business, including the integration of digital displays, you could be missing out on more than just customers!