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You’ve seen them in movies and television, and perhaps even had the opportunity to interact with one at a conference or other event, but have you considered integrating a custom-made touch table into your own business? It’s far more attainable than most people might think, but where do you begin if you’re interested in getting this technology for yourself?

As a full-service digital signage company, Interactive Design Labs has the team that can handle both the hardware and software implementations of a touch table. We’ll begin with an idea – your ideas. Whether you’re interested in using a touch table for your Real Estate agency to show homebuyers what’s currently available on the market, or if you want a permanent, interactive table to display information about a certain topic, we can design the software that will make it happen.

Touch tables have endless possibilities due to their size and digitization. Rather than having stagnant, faded, and outdated images of the various species of trees one can find in Montana, a touch table can play informative, custom-made videos, play games, and even take guests on a virtual tour through a dense forest. The most exciting part is if your organization wants to have a seasonal promotion or input something last minute, this downtime is significantly reduced when you use digital over analog.

With touch tables, owning the hardware is only half of the journey. We’ll work with you to create custom software that is unique to your organization. Once this has been designed and seamlessly integrated into the hardware, our team will travel to your location to set it up. Now that you have an idea as to how, the next step is to give us a call! Request your free proposal today or ask us questions about how a touch table can benefit your business – we’d love to chat!

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