How to Use Interactive Displays for Children’s Education

Interactive Touchscreens for Education

One of the best ways to use interactive software is as an educational tool for children, because it activates their imagination and engages them on a new level that wasn’t possible just a few years ago. So what are some of the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of this kind of interactive and touch screen software?

  1. Connect on-screen and off-screen activities

Some of the most effective uses of technology tools involve physical activities that encourage children to get up and move around in addition to using the digital tools. Our motion tracking software is a great example of this kind of interplay. Educators can also give children the opportunity to explore nature and then document what they see by drawing on an interactive touch screen device.

  1. Emphasize participation of multiple people at once

Children learn better and develop social skills when they are interacting with technology alongside adults or their peers.

  1. Broaden their horizons

A great way to use technology is to expose children to things they don’t have access to in the classroom, like faraway places, animals, or people from other countries. This can be accomplished through social media, video, or using maps as part of the interactive display.

  1. Let them play!

Interactive displays are great because they give children permission to touch things, explore, be curious, and use their imaginations. When you develop lesson plans using touch screen software or even augmented reality software, it is best to keep a sense of playfulness and creativity in mind. That way, kids can get lost in the world you’ve created for them, and pretend they are interacting with things in real-life situations.

  1. Give them a chance to figure things out

Children can learn the functionality of technology surprisingly quickly when you let them explore and make mistakes on their own, and the same applies for other lessons you want them to absorb by using interactive technology. When they feel like they are in control of what’s happening, they’ll become more confident and be more likely to remember what they have learned.

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