Using Gesture-Based Computing in the Classroom

Teacher with Students Using Interactive Touchscreensouchscreens

Allow us to present two scenarios about 3rd grade students learning about pre-Columbian America in their classroom. In the first situation, they read about the local Native American nations in a textbook. Maybe there is a picture or two. And at the end of the chapter, there is a series of questions that they can answer to test their comprehension of the reading.

In the second situation, the students are using an interactive display featuring gesture-based computing. With the swipe of their hand, or the tap of a finger, they can access layers of interactive content about local Native American nations. They can swipe and watch a video, or tap and virtually chat with a modern-day Native American. With any number of additional gestures, students can read articles, view presentations, access interactive exhibits, participate in a dialogue, and even work through virtual exercises, like building a shelter in the tradition of local nations, creating an art piece reflective of the nation’s culture, or excavating artifacts in a virtual archaeological dig.

Which scenario sounds like the richer and more meaningful learning experience?
The second one? We think so too, and that is why the use of interactive software, like gesture-based computing, is essential in today’s classroom. After all, it is no secret students learn in all different ways. Some kids learn by reading, some learn by watching, some learn by doing, and it goes on and on. This diverse range of learning methods means the static nature of reading history in a textbook only works for a tiny percentage of students. But with the use of interactive technology, teachers can connect their students with content in an endless number of ways, ensuring that everyone – regardless of their learning style – walks away with a richer understanding of their classroom material.

Therefore, the question should not be if you will use gesture-based computing in your classroom, but when you will use it. Luckily, IDL is here to help! Contact us today to talk about the many options we offer, as well as pricing, design, testing, and ongoing maintenance.