Help Them See the Bigger Picture

Digital screens may be nothing new, but the way we use and implement them is certainly changing. No longer are they simply for watching television at home, several screens can be setup to create one singular, larger screen on which almost anything you can imagine can be streamed!

Whether you’re an event venue, a corporate office, medical spa, or any other type of business looking to take a step forward into the future of technology, a video wall is a great way to tell a story. Clients in a waiting room can sit entertained as they watch videos that are larger than life tell them the history of your business, or fans with a less than perfect view can still see their favorite performers by watching the big screen. Video walls have a lot to offer, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to use one!

Your Company, Your Vision

Multi-screen displays allow the customization of tile layouts, and they provide greater pixel density and screen area per unit cost, since manufacturing one large screen of an unusual size or resolution would not provide the same benefits.

Video wall multi-screen displays are great when you want to display images without any loss of clarity. These video walls are large enough for people to know what they are looking at when they are far away, but they also provide enough resolution up close for people to read text.

Not sure about pricing? This type of digital display is far more accessible than most think! While technology of this caliber can be fairly advanced, Interactive Design Labs is here to work with you to create a customized video wall that fits within your budget. Stop wondering how you can better communicate and engage an audience, and request your free proposal from us today!

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