3 Interactive Museums to Check out This Summer

people at interactive museum

More and more often, museums are using interactive exhibits to increase audience engagement. Here are three such attractions in cities across the United States you should check out if you are vacationing or traveling for business this summer:

1. The American Writers Museum, Chicago

The irony of this museum is that it captures 500 years of American literature with a plethora of touchscreens. It opened on May 16th on the second floor of the building at 180 North Michigan Avenue. The first for the country, the museum celebrates America’s literary past with multimedia installations versus faded and yellowing manuscripts. It highlights the “Lessons in Chicago History” exhibit, a room dedicated to local literary gems, including recordings by Studs Terkel and Gwendolyn Brooks. You can view a digital map of city landmarks, including the home of Ebony and Jet magazines, the original public library network, and every bookstore located within the city limits. A bibliophile’s delight!

2. Museum of the Moving Image, New York City

This museum is one of NYC’s most dynamic attractions, devoted to all expressions of movement in art. The building, located in the Financial District, has a state-of-the-art 264-seat theater where you can view shows daily. Notable artifacts include 19th-century optical toys and modern video games (which you can play), along with recognizable props from films.

3. The Discovery Cube LA, Los Angeles

The ultimate test of a museum’s interactive-worthiness is whether or not it appeals to children. The Discovery Cube LA, which opened just two years ago, manages to do this and more. This kid-friendly museum is dedicated to teaching STEM proficiency, environmental stewardship, healthy living and early learning. The experiences run the gamut from stepping into a simulated helicopter to tour California’s natural resources, to embarking on a scavenger hunt in a grocery store. Fun is the order of the day at the Discovery Cube LA.

These museums are effective with their use of interactive displays because they allow for social interaction among visitors, involve physical activity, and give their audience flexible goals throughout, allowing them to create their own stories.

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