How the Latest Interactive Software Will Impact Gaming

woman wearing virtual reality goggles outside

Whether you’re a gamer, a developer, or both, there are three things you always look for: immersion, accessibility, and sociability. Thanks to the latest advances in interactive software, these three goals are easier and more accessible than ever before.

Immersed in VR

Total immersion has always been the dream of gamers and developers. Now, thanks to innovations in virtual reality software, the dream is real. In VR, players can explore and interact with the game world like never before, creating an experience that transcends entertainment. VR games are already being used as tools for classroom education and PTSD therapy. As this nascent technology continues to progress, who knows what new applications and innovations will come out of virtual reality software?

Accessibility through motion tracking

For non-gamers, one of the biggest barriers has always been the complexity of the controls. By implementing motion-tracking software, that barrier can be completely eliminated. Rather than memorizing button prompts or fiddling with analog sticks, manipulating a game can be as intuitive as moving your body. As motion-tracking technology becomes more precise, motions can be translated 1:1 into the game. Gamers can also remain active and healthy while enjoying their favorite hobby. When implemented properly, motion tracking becomes the natural choice for easy accessibility.

Crossing worlds with augmented reality

While VR may provide the ultimate in immersion, it could be said that augmented reality software is the path to the ultimate social gaming experience. Living between traditional gaming experiences and virtual reality, augmented reality achieves what could be a perfect equilibrium, by bringing the game to life and enhancing the real world. Through the use of augmented reality, a local park can be transformed into a fantasy realm, and people from all over the world can participate in complex, immersive, and rewarding scavenger hunts that take advantage of local geography. Mobile platforms like phones and tablets are the natural home for augmented reality software, making it the most social and accessible form of gaming software available.

While virtual and augmented reality is impacting the gaming world, this technology can be applied to so many other operations. If you’re interested in integrating virtual or augmented reality into your business, contact Interactive Design Labs to get started with your free proposal!