Strengths of Interactive Displays Over Traditional Wayfinding Tools

traditional wayfinding solution

An increasing number of businesses and organizations have adopted interactive wayfinding solutions to replace their traditional signage methods. Businesses not yet convinced that it’s time to make the plunge should consider the benefits of digital wayfinding over its predecessors, as they can quickly add up to improved profits and reduced waste.

  1. Easy upkeep: While a digital sign in theory requires more complex upkeep than a traditional sign, in practical terms it’s way easier to deal with – it’s far easier to update a map from a digital signage software solution in the back office than to do so manually, after all.
  1. Image: Customers may not buy solely based on the neat techniques your business implements, but they will remember you a bit more firmly than a competitor still using traditional wayfinding. It’s a straightforward benefit of being an early adopter of any customer-facing technology, though an interactive display stands out more than most.
  1. Customer support: Digital wayfinding works better, meaning customers are more satisfied with their experience – and use up less of your employee’s time. It’s a great way to enhance your brand perception and cut down wasted man-hours.
  1. Versatility: Digital wayfinding is particularly valuable in any environment prone to frequent changes. If you’re running an event venue or any other location where destinations frequently change, then digital wayfinding isn’t just the best option, it’s the only practical one.
  1. Personalization: Whether it’s allowing older users to adjust the size to better view small details, delivering tailored advertisements, or offering up routes that will take a customer past other items they may like, the potential to deliver personalized wayfinding is one of the most exciting usage scenarios for digital signage. It takes significantly more effort to set up this sort of advanced solution, but the benefits you stand to gain are immense.

As you can see, there’s a lot a savvy organization can do by applying modern digital signage software to their wayfinding. Whether you’re looking to enhance your image, improve perception of your customer support, guide customers more effectively, or simply minimize time spent changing your message – there’s something to be gained for any organization.