Gather Contact Info Easier with Event Kiosks

woman in audience speaking at event

Putting up displays at a convention or event is not only a great way to sell your product and services, but it can help you land potential leads. During a business convention, you may interact with thousands of individuals in a single day, which means you need ways to quickly capture email addresses and contact information. The easier it is to do this, the more leads you’ll generate. With the help of a touchscreen kiosk, you can instantly save this information, helping out not only yourself but your potential future customers as well.

How an interactive kiosk can help

During a convention, you may talk to a single person at a time, or you may generate a large amount of interest in a product. Having this large interest in your company is great, but the problem is you and your staff will struggle to obtain contact information from these individuals. The longer it takes, the less likely someone will end up giving you their email address or phone number. This is a lost lead and possibly a lost sale. An interactive kiosk can help change this.

With the multitouch software, individuals can add in their own information, even while you talk with another interested person. By having multiple touchscreen kiosks on hand, you can increase your capture points. While you and your employees talk with other individuals curious about what you have to offer, the kiosks can work as stand-ins to capture contact info that you may have otherwise missed.

Improve return on investment at conventions

Many companies make more sales following a convention than they do during the convention. You just don’t have the kind of time you might like to spend one on one with potential customers. By obtaining more contact info, you have more leads to work with, which will help boost your return on investment for every single convention you set up shop at. Some may actually prefer to work with a touchscreen display instead of an individual if they just don’t feel like talking with an employee or want to get in and out very quickly. You’ll be amazed at the kind of financial growth you’ll experience at these conventions by creating more opportunities with the help of touchscreen kiosks from Interactive Design Labs.

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