Virtual Reality and the Global Market in 2017

virtual reality

Far from its beginnings as an abstract aspect of science fiction novels, virtual reality is now more tangible than ever before. The advent of innovations such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift, have only marked the beginning of a new era of both business productivity and consumer convenience. Investors have locked into the virtual reality wave with more than their own confidence to count on, and the platforms that we’ve seen evolve are a testament to the positive forecasts for those investments.

A Worldwide Enterprise Revolution

Beyond simply serving as a gaming immersion enhancement, VR has shown promise as heralding the beginning of a new age of computational power as a whole. Startups such as Magic Leap have tentatively dipped their toes into the water of global virtual image projection. Beyond startups, we’ve seen industry giants such as Microsoft demonstrate faith in VR with the announcement of their Hololens project, another potential exploration of the worldwide image imprinting concept. Fledgling companies and veterans alike are waking up to the power that VR has to offer, and should their trust turn out to be well-placed, those who deliver the most in this field could very well find themselves on the right side of history.

VR, Interactivity, and Your Business

Whether or not you’re a devotee to the faith of VR, there is no denying that facilitating genuine engagement is necessary to make an impact on your visitors and nurture your most promising leads. If you want to be able to maintain relevance in an online marketplace that’s only going to grow more technologically sophisticated and saturated, your best bet is to invest in interactivity.

The modern web surfer’s attention is a fleeting, fickle thing that moves like lightning and never runs short of options; the only way to capture such a thing with your kiosk is to give that attention a good reason to stay. Interactivity transcends the impersonal wall of “content” and makes an impact on the viewer that creates an “experience”. In the time to come, VR platforms may intensify the playing field upon which vendors compete to create the most interactive online experience they can; the sooner you start, the better of a position you’ll be in to dominate this playing field.

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