How Interactive Technology Can Positively Impact Your Business

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Interactive technology is becoming increasingly important in the business market. In an era of modern technology, it’s not enough to have basic signage or videos for informational and marketing purposes. Incorporating interactive technology will not only set you apart from your competitors, but can have many benefits to your business! Here are just a few ways interactive technology can change … Read More

Tasks Made Easier with Interactive Digital Signage

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Interactive digital signage is growing in popularity with businesses around the world, and not just because it’s a neat new toy to impress customers with. Used effectively, digital signage can improve your efficiency at a number of tasks while simultaneously improving outcomes. Here are just a few of the tasks savvy business owners are putting interactive signage to work on: … Read More

Strengths of Interactive Displays Over Traditional Wayfinding Tools

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An increasing number of businesses and organizations have adopted interactive wayfinding solutions to replace their traditional signage methods. Businesses not yet convinced that it’s time to make the plunge should consider the benefits of digital wayfinding over its predecessors, as they can quickly add up to improved profits and reduced waste. Easy upkeep: While a digital sign in theory requires … Read More

Offer a Personalized Marketing Experience

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Marketing is all about making an emotional connection with potential clients. There is some form of attachment created during the brief time they come into contact with your marketing material. It is why many of the most successful commercial, print, and online ad campaigns make a personal and emotional connection with shoppers. You need to do the same. Problem is, … Read More

How A Touch Screen Kiosk Can Help Your Business Operate More Smoothly

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Every business owner wants their establishment to run as smoothly and easily as possible. If you are running a restaurant, you want people to get the food they ordered, exactly how they ordered it. However, this isn’t always possible because people make mistakes from time to time. In order to make your business operate more smoothly, why not incorporate a … Read More

How Interactive Digital Signage Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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Like many technologies, interactive digital signage has seen a lukewarm reception from many businesses which don’t quite see the potential. To help you appreciate what a good digital signage setup can do for a savvy, forward-thinking business, we’ve put together a list of three ways interactive digital signage can directly affect your bottom line for the better. Easy updates At … Read More

Touch Kiosks Make More Efficient Menus & Checkouts

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When a customer walks into a fast food restaurant or uses the self-checkout at a grocery store, they’re looking for the simplest and fastest experience possible. When a situation calls for haste, these types of establishments are sought to provide the quickest way in and out. The customer will want to be able to easily locate the items they want … Read More

How Digital Signage is Changing Tourism

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The paper maps of yesterday’s travel and tourism have evolved into smartphone apps. Travel guidebooks have largely been replaced by travel websites. It’s easy to see that the world of travel and tourism is changing as technology develops new ways to make travel more accessible. Many of the considerable challenges of travel are now easier to face thanks to these … Read More

How the Latest Interactive Software Will Impact Gaming

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Whether you’re a gamer, a developer, or both, there are three things you always look for: immersion, accessibility, and sociability. Thanks to the latest advances in interactive software, these three goals are easier and more accessible than ever before. Immersed in VR Total immersion has always been the dream of gamers and developers. Now, thanks to innovations in virtual reality … Read More

Gather Contact Info Easier with Event Kiosks

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Putting up displays at a convention or event is not only a great way to sell your product and services, but it can help you land potential leads. During a business convention, you may interact with thousands of individuals in a single day, which means you need ways to quickly capture email addresses and contact information. The easier it is … Read More