Why Digital Signage Makes Sense for Restaurants

Touch Screen ordering at a Restaurant

The catering and hospitality industries are some of the fastest growing adopters of digital signage design, touch software and interactive digital signage – and with good reason. The food industry is subject to more law changes and regulations than most, making a digital signage kiosk more advantageous than a traditional static counterpart when it comes to updating nutritional information or … Read More

Benefits of Touch Screen Kiosks in Event-Based Venues

Woman Using Touch Screen

Event-based venues differ from standard commercial settings in that they’re built to accommodate large amounts of people for short periods of time. Venues like concert halls and sports stadiums require a rapid turnaround in order to keep customers happy and to ensure all-round efficiency – sports and music fans don’t want to have to miss out on the action by … Read More

Why You Should Be Thinking About Augmented Reality Software

Man Using Augmented Reality Software on Phone

If you’re not familiar with the term yet, you may be wondering what augmented reality is, and why it’s suddenly such a big deal in tech-savvy circles. First, the basics: augmented reality refers to the combined use of hardware and software to introduce digital aspects into the real world. The navigation aids displayed on a high-tech windshield for night driving, … Read More

Using Gesture-Based Computing in the Classroom

Teacher with Students Using Interactive Touchscreensouchscreens

Allow us to present two scenarios about 3rd grade students learning about pre-Columbian America in their classroom. In the first situation, they read about the local Native American nations in a textbook. Maybe there is a picture or two. And at the end of the chapter, there is a series of questions that they can answer to test their comprehension … Read More

How Touch Screen Technology Can Improve Customer Experience

Wayfinding in Airport

Interactive digital signage technology has become quite popular in forward-thinking businesses around the world, but not as many businesses are looking at the biggest potential of touchscreens: improving the shopping experience for everyone who walks through your doors. Try these five tips to make your touch screen setups a boon for every guest: Wayfinding Perhaps the most obvious way to … Read More

How Interactive Software is Revolutionizing the Retail World

Women on Escalator Shopping

It’s no secret that the nature of business to consumer relationships is changing at a faster rate than ever before. The modern consumer is bombarded with advertising and information — pop up ads, commercials, sponsorships, product placement, direct marketing, sponsored content and signage everywhere. Consumers are just not going to pay attention to anything that’s not important to them, they … Read More

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Interactive Display

Video Wall Display Oops

Whether you already have digital signage in place at your business, or you’re merely considering it, there are some common errors you’ll want to avoid in your early days with the technology. While you may already have considered some of these mistakes and sidestepped them, there may be one or two you haven’t considered, so make sure you’re making the … Read More

How to Use Interactive Displays for Children’s Education

Interactive Touchscreens for Education

One of the best ways to use interactive software is as an educational tool for children, because it activates their imagination and engages them on a new level that wasn’t possible just a few years ago. So what are some of the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of this kind of interactive and touch screen software? Connect on-screen and … Read More

How Digital Signage Can Assist Customers with Disabilities

Order Here Food Sign in Restaurant

People with disabilities can struggle to do things in daily life which are often effortless for others. In many scenarios, digital signage can assist people with disabilities. In particular, multi-touch software, interactive displays, and touch screen kiosks allow for more accessibility and ease of use, which could improve facilities for all customers, regardless of ability. Multi-touch software Multi-touch software powers … Read More

Why You Need Interactive Digital Signage at Your Museum

The best museums and museum exhibits are the ones that engage visitors and encourage them to actively learn and experience every facet of the topic. Rather than just standing and staring at art on a wall or reading a plaque about a time in history, visitors enjoy and remember their experiences much more when they can interact with the displays … Read More